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Gary Lightman

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Who Is Gary Lightman?

Gary Lightman is an experienced attorney of who has spent more than 30 years practicing law. He has acquired a reputation as one who is extremely knowledgeable about the legal industry.  This notable reputation is a result of his fantastic number of successes in the courtroom throughout his career. Together with his vast experience and his impressive educational background, Gary P. Lightman is known by both his clients and peers as a legal professional who knows how to get the job done.

A bachelor’s of science degree in accounting graduate from Penn State University, Gary Lightman attended from 1972 to 1975.  The continuation of Gary P. Lightman’s educational career landed at the Temple University School of Law after his undergrad was finished.  In 1978, he earned his JD degree (doctorate of jurisprudence).

This school was a pioneer in America in that it was one of the first to provide a specialized graduate law study program. The history of Temple University has shown that it focuses on preparing students for scenarios that are as life-like as possible.  Gary P. Lightman has had a proven history of producing students that have to their credit a broad makeup of core competencies. In fact, he is ranked number one in his alma mater by recruiters because of the excellent job he has done with his students. Indeed, Gary Lightman has excelled in education in every way.

Master of Law

Even after earning his doctorate, Gary Lightman was not done with his quest for education. He next earned his LLM degree otherwise known as Legum Magister. His focus was in taxation and securities as he studied to become a Master of Laws. Georgetown University Law Center was where Gary P. Lightman earned this degree between 1978 and 1981.

This special training that Gary P. Lightman has received only validates the fact that he is dedicated in learning as much as possible about all matters pertaining to the law. Attending Georgetown is no small feat. As one of the leaders in law schools throughout the United States, Georgetown is known for producing graduates like Gary Lightman who are committed to achieving excellence in the field of law.

Gary Lightman knows the importance of proving himself to potential clients in need of legal representation. He realizes that his past work history should be carefully scrutinized by all who wish to consider hiring him. That is why he gives his all to each and every case he works on. He not only understands the need for potential clients to conduct thorough research and give extensive questioning throughout the hiring process, but he welcomes it. Everything Gary P. Lightman has done throughout his history has prepared him to effectively represent any client who is in need of his services.

Gary Lightman Has Extensive Education & Experience

Undoubtedly, any potential client who does their research on Gary Lightman will find that his extensive educational background and successful professional history gives credit to his phenomenal reputation that he has established to date. From his early beginnings in Washington D.C. with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission in 1978, the road that Gary P. Lightman has taken is not one that will be forgotten. Eventually, Lightman opted to work in a private practice to better enable him to work with the public.

It is undeniable that the experienced gained from working for the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) was responsible for teaching Gary Lightman much in the way of securities, exchanges and regulating stocks. He has been able to take the knowledge acquired from this time in his life and draw on it in many cases he has worked. With the original goal from the SEC to “protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets and facilitate capital formation,” Gary P. Lightman has been able to incorporate these sound principles into his many cases.

Gary Lightman has undoubtedly gained respect for all fraud-related concerns thanks to his experience with the SEC. Now, he is able to focus his time, energy and talents to assist his clients in real world settings. From 1981 to 1989, Gary P. Lightman was employed with the firm of Fellheimer, Eichen & Goodman. This practice later became known as Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP in Philadelphia, PA.

Following his eight year run at Fellheimer, Eichen & Goodman, Gary P. Lightman worked two years with Astor Weiss & Newman.  Throughout those two years, Gary Lightman extended his knowledge and experience to many cases of public service law areas. This only enhanced his already strong dedication to his civic duties and responsibilities as a citizen of these great United States.

Celebrating 20 Years of Lightman & Manochi

After that point – in 1991 – Gary P. Lightman decided to venture out on his own to begin his law firm in September known as Lightman & Associates. It has since been changed to Lightman & Manochi. There is an undeniable business aspect of legal law that every attorney should be adept in. Gary Lightman has acquired extensive knowledge on the business end of law thanks to his educational background in finance and his many wins in the courtroom.

As of September of 2011, Lightman & Manochi will be celebrating their 20th year in business which only proves the quality of services that Gary P. Lightman and his associates have chosen to provide.

Over his 33 years of practicing law, Gary Lightman has dealt with cases involving banking law, real estate, commercial and civil litigation, mortgage foreclosures, bankruptcy, construction law, elder law, creditor’s rights, commercial transactions, annuities fraud, loan workouts, business formation, termination and dissolution and more.

Gary P. Lightman is best at court level cases as it simulates him to rise to the challenge. He finds the quest for success on the part of his client to be one that is rewarding each and every time. Thanks to his advanced problem solving nature, Gary Lightman is able to find a solution for every client in a cost effective way to make each situation a win-win.